TV animation “Kabukibu! ‘Yumi Uchiyama’ s comment arrived! Scene of the fifth episode cut & Synopsis also delivered

Starting broadcasting at TBS on May 4 th (Thursday) at 2:28 pm, TV animation “Kabukibu! The fifth episode starts broadcasting sequentially! Then, a synopsis & scene cut arrived from the fifth episode which is the fifth episode, “Towashi East west!”

In addition, since the 2nd event information also arrived at voice actor comment of Mr. Yuumi Uchiyama, Mr. Yuhi Uchiyama and Mr. Aka Asai, and LOFT 9 Shibuya, I will also introduce you together!

This work is a popular series “Kabukibu! (Author: Yuuri Enokida) was animated, and the animated character draft is in charge of popular cartoonist group “CLAMP”. The main character, Kurusu Kurusuya (CV: Taichi Ichikawa) likes kabuki and likes it, finally to make “Kabuki Department” at high school. It is such a new sense of kabuki × club activity by such Kurusu and fellows and a youth story.

Story 5 Scene Cut & Synopsis Open!
Fifth curtain “Towa East-west!”

● Synopsis
Kabuki club seeing at the end of summer vacation, “Sannichi Yoshizo (Sanshin Chichasa)” at the aged facilities. Hanamitsu is acting as a lady, Yoshimasa as a boy, Kurosatori acts as a priest role, Maruko participates as a costume clerk, Tombo as a behind of art and music. With the help of Risato and Fuma finally the curtain has finally opened, Satoru will suddenly collapse! That was the one who saved such a big pinch of Kabuki club like that!

TV animation “Kabukibu! Work information


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