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Top Five iconic Naruto openings

When it comes to soundtracks, Naruto sure does have one of the best musics of all anime. With music can that can be melodiously beautiful, to strength inspiring, Naruto has all that. Since, the show has officially ended, we compile the list of top five Naruto Openings, that brings back memories. Let’s have a trip down the memory lane, shall we..?

Disclaimer : The openings are chosen based on the popularity, Visuals and Music, and are not arranged in order.

Silhouette – Kana Boon

Naruto Shippuden Opening 16, Silhouette is definitely the best of openings out there. With a whooping 35 Million views on YouTube, there is no denying that it’s most loved opening out there. The visuals are one of a kind, with strong emphasis on character development. And, what’s more the “Breakdancing Madara” a pleasure sight to look at is there 🙂

The Song went so viral that, Kishimoto sensei gave the responsibility to voice the Boruto’s first opening to Kana Boon.

Hakura Kanata – Asian Kung Fu Generation

With 15 Million views, Naruto Opening 2, Hakura Kanata by Asian King Fu Generation is popular enough to say the least. With the visuals displaying the chunin exam fights, this opening easily enters the list of the best. The visuals were helpful enough for the viewers to give a gist about the show of that time. Those songs that run in our mind inherently, this one is one among them for sure.

Blue Bird – Ikimono Gakari

Naruto Shippuden Opening 3, Blue Bird a mysteriously themed opening song, enters our playlist with it’s beautiful vocals. With the pride of being First High Definition opening of the series, Blue Bird has this ability to give goosebumps when watched. With visuals depicting the fight between “The Akatsuki” and Asuma Sarutobi, the theme is heartbreaking and brings backs memories.

Oh., and not to forget “Aoi Aoi Ano Sora


Blood Circulator – Asian Kung Fu Generation

Naruto Shippuden Opening 19, Blood Circulator, chosen for its strong visuals and matching music, the opening is surely memorable. The theme shows all of the characters sinking into darkness (falling into Infinite Tsukuyomi) with Naruto following them, but saved by his Comrades from Team 7. Faith restored, Naruto joins the brawl.

Sign by Flow

When asked about favorite openings, pretty sure a lot of fans will say Sign by Flow. Who wouldn’t remember those lines

“I realise the screaming pain,

Hearing Loud in my brain,

But I’m going straight ahead with the scar”

The Sign by flow, has quite a good following with the visuals depicting the last moments of two legends, Jiraiya and Itachi. Although, the opening was aired during near/after their death, it had some cheering music, perhaps a bitter-sweet ending to those legendary characters ? who knows.

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