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Ten ways to stream anime legally free of cost

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It’s no doubt that the anime industry is on a downward spiral for quite sometime now. The harsh working hours within the industry and extremely low pay is not so unpopular with the otakus. The scene is so bad that, there are special mansions for animators to stay at low cost. Those on the lower level of the pay don’t even get the minimum wage paid. The industry survives on few big hits of the year. 

What we can do a fan ?

As a fan, what can we do ? Even in case of big anime, only the producers get the hefty share, while the animators end up with low salary. This can be partly attributed to the fact that only “disc sales” (DVD and BLU-Ray) profit is shared to the animation company. Though these can be changed to great extent only through the policy changes, still there are things that as a fan we can do. The smallest help as a consumer we can do is to avoid pirated copies.

I get your Mind voice. I can read your thoughts which scream “How can I buy these originals, when they cost too much ?” As a fan from a middle class family, I cannot afford to buy those expensive DVDs. So  what to do ? Stream them legally

Where to stream anime legally ?

Yes, there are sites to stream anime legally free of cost. Although, with free services there will be ads or a week delay. These can be removed by using their premium services whose costs aren’t that high. For example, Netflix costs around 650 INR per month (10 USD) in INDIA. With premium service even HD and Ultra HD (4K) streaming are allowed. Before discussing any further, here we go with the list of sites to stream anime legally.


Amazon – Anime Strikes – Requires Amazon Prime

Location availability : US, UK

Type : Both Subs and Dubs

Amazon Prime

Location Availability : U.S., U.K., India

Type : Both Subs and Dubs


Location availability : Australia and New Zealand

Type : Subs and Dubs

Animax TV

Location : U.K., Ireland

Type : Subs only


Location : Varies. Pretty much global. Check with your location.

Type : All subs. Free users either have ads or have to wait for a week after the airing.


Location : Global

Type : Subs only.


Location : U.S., Canada

FUNimation is the dub provider of many favorite anime including Fairy Tail.

Type : Subs. Subscription for some dubs.


Location : U.S and Japan only.

Type : Subs


Location : 60 Countries. Not available in Syria, Crimea and North Korea.

Type : Subs and Dubs. Additionally all local TV shows, favorites, movies can be streamed. Not free.


Location : EU, UK

Type : Free. Subs only.


Location : U.S only

Type : Subs and Dubs

I currently use “Crunchyroll”. What about you guys…? So will you use legal methods if they are available ?

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