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Plastic Memories is one of the not so popular anime series that is gaining popularity in the recent times. The series belongs to the Drama, Slice of Life, Romance genre. Usually the Slice of Life genre contain tragic story and will make us shed some tears. Plastic Memories is no different. The show is for those who are into the likes of Clannad, Clannad After story and Angel beats.

How did I got here

Once I finished all the top recommended anime series, it felt like there aren’t good anime anymore. That was the time when I shifted to Slice of Life genre from the regular Shonen, thriller and Super power shows. My first show in the Slice of Life was “Clannad” and Clannad : After Story“. Though Clannad was quite slow and was just a normal Romantic Comedy anime, After story was just the inverse. It was a true masterpiece, a show that could make even stones cry. So much was the impact of the story. The Second in my list was “Angel Beats“, another masterpiece with heart-wrenching flashbacks. After some more popular series such as Your Lie in April, Five Centimetres per second.. etc, I ended up with “Plastic Memories

Is it really worth it ?

Plastic Memories hits right in the feels from the start. The story is about a young boy who joins an organisation involved in the recovery of Giftias, a type of androids, after their lifetime is over. The job of the organisation is to wipe out the memories of the retrieved Giftias. Our Hero falls in love at first sight, later only to find out that the girl is a Giftia herself. Later, both them or put together on Giftia retrieval team. Can the hero cope up with the depressing fact of removing the memories of Giftias and forcefully recover it from their owners ? Can he remain unaffected from the guiltiness, knowing the fact that his job is to separate the loved ones (Giftias and Owners) and erase the memory of Giftias ? All aboard the feel trip.

Plastic Memories - Isla
Doesn’t she resemble Kannadae ?

Plastic Memories – A Review

The show started off tragic with the very first episode crushing the tears right out of my eyes. It has good animation quality (although not as the likes of Fate/Zero by Ufotable). Likeable and relatable characters. Strong emotions spread up all throughout the series with a correct mix of Romance and comedy. With excellent quotes at disposal, for such a small series, the show covers everything a viewer wishes for. The show reminded me of Angel beats, another anime of the same genre. For those who are in search of “Slice of Life”, “Drama”, this show is worth the time, with just over 12 episodes, the feelings are conveyed so effectively. The only downside being that the female lead, Isla felt like a copy of Kannadae (Angel) from Angel beats, the same innocence, similar looks and similar characterisation.

P.S : This show is not for the Regular Shonen lovers.

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