Fate/ series order to watch

Fate/ Zero and Fate/ Stay Night order to watch

Fate/ series has become increasingly popular with it’s new anime release by Type – Moon. Fate/Zero series is at 44th place in rankings as per Myanimelist which is quite good. With a score of 8.7 equal to the highly popular Death Note we can imagine the quality of the show. As like everyone else when I first tried to watch the Fate series, I got fed up too many series with the same name. After some research I found the order to watch it.

Since then, I have seen all the series and the original Visual Novel too. So, I want to share my opinion on “the order to watch the fate series“.

Order to watch

  1. Fate/Zero
  2. Fate/Zero season 2
  3. Fate/ Stay Night UBW S1 and S2 – By Type Moon
  4. Fate/ Heaven’s Feel – Movie to be released in three parts by the end of 2017.


Although, the above given order is not the chronological order as per release date, it is chronological as per storyline. Fate/ Zero is set to happen ten years prior to the Fate/ Stay Night. Also, the Fate/ Stay Night has three alternate storylines – The Saber route, The Unlimited Blade Works route and The Heaven’s feel route. Each storyline has a different ending, but are set in the same time line. So far, only UBW route has got the anime adaptation (TV series and not the Movie) by Type – Moon. There’s also another adaptation by DEEN’s which is bad and not recommended.

Fate/ Stay Night Timeline
Fate/ Stay Night Timeline

Visual Novel

The Visual Novel under the title Realta Nua, is a PC and PS Vita game. The novel explores the three routes of Fate/ Stay Night alone and doesn’t gives any idea on the Fate/ Zero which has happened earlier. There’s also Fate/ Kaleid Liner Prisma illiya a fanmade series that has a different story line and can be ignored. After the works of F/ SN, F/ Hollow Ataraxia which is another Novel follows. Regarding the three routes, each route has a different female lead focused and yields a different result. Each route gives information about some things that aren’t available in other routes.

Spoiler Alert

As an example, Saber route also called as the Fate route, focuses on Saber, while the UBW focuses on Rin Toshaka as the female lead. UBW gives an idea on the relationship between Shirou Emiya and The Archer, whereas, Heaven’s feel explains the details about the grail and how it came into existence in depth.


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