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Fate / Stay Night Heaven’s Feel new Trailer released and launch date confirmed

Fate / Stay Night’s last route “Heaven’s Feel” is set to made as a movie “Trilogy” with three parts. The first part of the trilogy will be aired this summer, on October 14.

If you are new to the Fate series, here’s a guide on how to watch the Fate series.

Heaven’s Feel – Trailer two released…!!

Studio Ufotable is known for its high end graphics and extremely good visuals, this movie is no different. The new trailer that got released yesterday (July 1, 2017) shows, some intense fight between “True Assassin and Lancer”, “Saber and Rider”


Though these fights are slightly modified from the original Visual Novel, “Realta Nua”, the scenes are pretty awesome. The detailing in the art and eye treating visuals were always been a plus for the Fate franchise.


I’m pretty hyped up for this. If the story sticks to the original story of the Visual novel, which we can expect as from our previous experiences with the ufotable. Then, we can safely assume, this movie is gonna be “dark”. Follow our fanpage on facebook through, here.


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