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Fairy Tail series to end in two more seasons

Fairy Tail, one of the famous Japanese anime series is about to end soon. For the fans, who were expecting Hiro Mashima’s work to run forever like onepiece, you are in for a heartbreak. The official website of the movie “Fairy Tail : Dragon Cry” the last movie of the series revealed that the manga is in final chapters.

In a statement, the author of the series “Hiro Mashima” confirmed the end of the series is near. He even gave a tentative timeline about its end. Thanks to the popular twitter user YonkouProd, now the fans can read the translated copy of the statement.  In the recent statement, the artist thanks the readers and fans for supporting him throughout the series.

Natsu Dragneel crying
The series is about to End – Don’t go

At present there’s the exact date when the two volumes will be published is unknown. But, as we can guess a Volume will likely have 8 to 12 manga chapters. So, on an average we can expect 20 chapters to be released.

Here’s a part of the translated excerpt from Mashima sensei

This project started as a fun thing to do while feeling a bit adventurous, trying to solve various obstacles in the journey. But if I continued doing just what for a long time, I would get tired, so I started including a variety of things.

Since my previous work was quite a heavy story, I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to go a bit light this time. But, even so, this story turned into something with a huge war. A big difference between the previous work and this one is that Natsu is not fighting for world peace, right? In the previous one, the characters were fighting to protect the world. This time, they just want to protect their guild. Natsu even said in the Edolas arc, “We joined the guild to live, that’s why I don’t care about the world.”

Although it is quite annoying that he cannot be thought of as a hero of this story thanks to that, both stories are still very similar to some extent. Fight to survive. Fight for your friends. It may not lead to world peace, but it is all justice for Natsu – and I love that about Natsu.

After this, I have the will to draw more as well – something to set in a new world. Yes, I want to write a new story! Fairy Tail will be completed in about 2 more volumes. After that, I will feel a bit empty. But it is exciting to think about all the new things that might start later. Thank you so much for the support! My new work will begin soon, so please watch the final curtain draw over our fairies until then.

For those who don’t know about the series, Fairy tail is about a Young Mage “Lucy Heartfilia” who wishes to join the most famous of the Mage guilds “Fairy Tail”. She accidentally bumps into “Natsu Dragneel”, a member of the guild and ends up getting saved by him. Then, she joins the guild and the story evolves more complex as the plot progress.

Fairy Tail is among the top anime in popularity, and is in our list of Top Five anime recommendations for starters. The series has excellent animation quality and is a must watch for Shonen lovers. The show is targeted at the younger generation people and the manga has over 60 million copies in print worldwide.

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