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Boruto : Naruto next Generations May – June Schedule (2017)

Boruto : Naruto Next Generations has taken the anime universe like a storm. With the first episode showcasing the deathmatch between Kawaki and Boruto, the show started off with awesomeness. Those first few seconds were enough for the Naruto followers to get hooked on to the show. About a month has passed since the show has started and for those eagerly waiting for the next episodes, here’s the next month’s schedule.

Special thanks to the Twitter user YonkouProd, fans can have peek into what the next few episodes from 7 – 10 might look like.


Spoilers Ahead..!!

Episode 6 – The Final Lesson – May 10, 2017

Boruto’s class teacher Shino Aburame has summoned Boruto Uzumaki, Shikadai Nara and Mitsuki early to the school. Unknowing the evil intentions, three of them visit the designated spot only to be attacked by Shino. Can the three withstand the onslaught of a Jonin class shinobi ?

Episode 7 – Love and Potato Chips – May 17, 2017

No official synopsis has been released so far. But, from the title, fans are speculating that, this will be about “ChoCho Akimichi” and the Akimichi’s love towards Potato chips. Seems a correct guess to Me. What’s your views ? Share with us @ Facebook

Episode 8 – Message of the Dreams – May 24, 2017

This episode is about Boruto uzumaki and his strange visual powers. It is said that “Boruto dreams about a stranger teaching him about his strange eyes”. Boruto Uzumaki thinks that his strange visual power is result of his bloodline, that is Kekkei Genkai. ? But is it really is ? And who might be that stranger ?

Episode 9 – My Own Proof – May 31, 2017

This is a continuation of the previous episode where Boruto tries to activate his eye. Boruto Uzumaki fights her aunt Hanabi Hyuga, with his father Naruto Uzumaki and grandfather Hiashi overseeing the match. Boruto wants to prove himself by showcasing his skills. But, unfortunately he’s not able to activate his eye… Will anyone notice his visual powers ever ?

Episode 10 – Ghost Incident, Begin investigation – June 07, 2017

Seems like a filler episode. Is this show again going to be storehouse of fillers ?

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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