Boruto and his summon

Boruto June 2017 Schedule

Boruto : Naruto next generations is at the second place of the most popular spring anime of 2017. From the start of the show, it has been targeting an unknown Shadow Spectre. The shadow spectre seemingly takes control over anyone who has the slightest amount of hate. What really is that Shadow ? Who’s behind these incidents ? Following the Ghost incident (Episode 10) it is clear that “Hashirama Senju’s cells” and “The Foundation” of ANBU are somehow involved. But, what is their reason ?

Boruto and his summon
Boruto and the Shadow Spectre

The below article contains the schedule for June 2017. Spoilers Ahead…!!!!

Additional Info : After the end of this arc, Naruto Gaiden Manga is set to get an anime adaptation (rumored). There isn’t any official news so far. Let’s wait for some time

Boruto June 2017 Schedule

Episode 11 (June 14) – The Shadow of the Mastermind

During their field trip in Water Treatment plantm Sumire, Wasabi Izuno and Suzumeno are caught up in the ghost incident which has been recently happening in the city. The three of them are injured because of the resulting rampage and commotion during the incident. Boruto, blames himself for not being able to save them and believes that he could have been able to prevent the incident from happening. He decides to solve this issue no matter what it takes.

Episode 12 (June 21) – Boruto and Mitsuki

For unknown reasons, the Ghost incident which has ravaged the village (or should we say city..!!) has stopped. Still, Boruto and his classmates are still suspicious about the incident. It looks like Mitsuki is hiding something. On the other hand, Mitsuki finds himself confused about the changes happening to himself.

Episode 13 (June 28) – Monster Appears. . . !

Mitsuki opens up to Boruto and tells him about the incidents. After listening to Mitsuki, Boruto decides to prevent further incidents and goes to stop him. Meanwhile, The Seventh Hokage and the other top brass of the village were shocked to learn the criminal behind these incidents from Sai’s reports. But, out of the blue, the Monster which resembles the one Boruto summoned earlier, appears.

Episode 14 (July 5) – The path that Boruto can see

As per Sai’s report, there’s another hidden organisation deep within “The Foundation”, called “The Root”. The organisation was created by “Danzo Shimura”, the former head of the “Foundation”. The mastermind behind these incidents has seemingly inherited Danzo’s will and has decided to continue his work. Boruto enters into an alternate reality through the power of his eye and tries desperately to stop the village’s destruction. Can he really save the village ?

Note : As per Spiralling Sphere, Boruto will use a weapon powered by the Monster, Nue. Exciting isn’t it.

P.S : The actual episode titles may change during the airing of episodes by VIZ Media.

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