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Has Boruto activated the Tenseigan – An analysis

After the very first episode of “Boruto : Naruto next generations” was aired on April 5, 2017 , the thought that has crossed every viewer should be either “Is that a Tenseigan ? ”  or “Is Naruto really dead ?”. In this article we are about to discuss the topic of “What visual prowess Boruto has got ?”


The first episode started with Boruto and Kawaki fighting each other atop the “great stone faces of Konoha”. After a few seconds into the fight, Boruto activates his “Curse mark and his eye”. Let’s what can be the possible answers we can deduce so far from the episodes released so far.



Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto activates his curse mark and his visual prowess


Effect of Curse mark ?


From the above image one can argue that this new ocular power may be the result of “the curse mark” , the fact that the curse is given to Boruto by “Momoshiki Otsutsuki” shows that the “Eye” isn’t related to it. Since, Boruto is seen to have the same eye while looking at a dark chakra surrounding “Denki”. Also Momoshiki states that “This blue eye of yours will one day take away everything that’s yours” before his death.



Boruto : Naruto next generations
Boruto’s eye being triggered

A Byakugan ?

Is it a Byakugan ?? But a Byakugan has veins surrouding the eyes. But this one doesn’t. Is this a Tenseigan ? Considering the fact that “Tenseigan is a visual prowess obtained to those with ‘Hamura’s chakra’, it is quite possible since Naruto is Ashura’s re-incarnation plus Hinata Hyuga’s chakra may give rise to forming of Hamura’s chakra.

Is it a Tenseigan (Not yet at the least)

The Visuals also seem to look much more like “Tenseigan” than being byakugan. But, a tenseigan wielder can have a “Chakra cloak and TSBs” as shown by Toneri otusutsuki in “Naruto : The Last” movie. But, Boruto isn’t shown using both of them nor its controlling attractive and repulsive forces ability, similar to that of the “Rinnegan’s Deva path”. May be an undeveloped tenseigan just like a sharigan that develops with use.


Or this a all new “visual ability” which is born as a resultant of constant mixing of Ashura’s chakra with that of Nine tails in Naruto, plus Hinata Hyuga’s chakra ? Even this is possible, since Boruto was able to sense and see a bad chakra in Denki which is similar to “Negative emotion sensing” ability of Naruto in Nine – Tails Chakra mode.

Boruto : Naruto next generations
Kawaki with his curse mark

At least one thing is certain, both ‘Kawaki’ and ‘Boruto’ has the same curse marks, which means ‘Kawaki’ too has killed a god-like character at one point of time.

Let’s hope Kishimoto sensei gives us more hints and reveals its powers as early. Comment us your opinions on this article.

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