Why not to watch Naruto

5 reasons not to watch Naruto

Naruto is surely one of the most famous Shonen anime of all time. It has an excellent story, highly determined lead role, beautifully portrayed characters and everything an anime fan wants. Yet, here we list 5 reasons why one should not watch Naruto. You may be wondering why a great anime is not recommended. Here we go.


Fillers are episodes that are not in the original manga, but are in the anime. They are not a part of the plot. They just give additional details about side characters, and are mostly used to milk the series. Naruto has fillers, lots and lots of them. In fact, the year 2015 had only just 8 canon episodes aired and all others were fillers. How irritating that would be for the viewers, eagerly waiting for the next episode only to find out it’s a filler.


The next big mistake is here. Although, a lot times the Flashback may help to connect us with the series, too much of them just degrades the quality of the content. In between, important fights, the show will suddenly go into flashback of their childhood. Just look at the below picture, the swing in this scene has more screentime than TenTen, a side character.

Naruto Sad
Naruto sad

Not to mention one more famous scene, Itachi standing on the Pole, that scene has aired more times than the number of episodes Naruto has.


A lot of anime viewers hesitate to start a long running show. Naruto and Naruto shippuden has almost 720 episodes in total. The show is still continuing with Boruto : Naruto next generations. Even if we leave out the next generations, the show is pretty long which is aggravated by the humongous amount of fillers the show has. So, here we have one more reason “not to watch Naruto”.


This one is debatable, still I’m considering it on the list because it’s true to a great extent. Naruto has one of the best villains of anime history, yet they aren’t flawless. Almost, all of the villains have a Tragic backstory and no one is evil by Nature. What the hell…!! Not a single main villain is evil by Nature. They turned into evil because of their tragic Past. Some may consider Madara Uchiha to be evil, but to be honest he was more of a pragmatic character than outright evil. And he resorts to force, just to bring peace.

Talk No Jutsu

The last and the final reason why “Not to watch Naruto”. This one is obvious, Naruto’s Talk No Jutsu is the strongest of his arsenal. Using that Jutsu, Naruto can make even the most inhumane, monstrous villains into Good just by speaking. This may look good at first, but then it happened so many times, that it became more like a flaw in the series. Fortunately, Madara Uchiha didn’t got his mind changed. He’s probably the only shinobi to counter the Talk No Jutsu with “Give no Fu*k Jutsu”.

Talk no Jutsu
Talk No Jutsu from Konoha’s Library

P.S : There may be these five negatives, but there are thousand reasons why one should watch Naruto, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Give us your suggestions at Naruto and DB Verse

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