9 Facts about Sarada Uchiha worth knowing

Sarada Uchiha is the most sought after Shinobi in “Boruto : Naruto Next Generations”, surprisingly has even better fame than Boruto Uzumaki. Although, the anime has just started, here are some awesome facts about Sarada Uchiha, collected from “Naruto Gaiden” and “Boruto” Manga.

1. Sarada Uchiha is the only Uchiha to awaken the Sharingan out of happiness. She awakens it when she is in excitement to meet his father Sasuke Uchiha for the first time.

Sarada awakens her Sharingan
Sarada awakens her Sharingan

2. The glasses that Sarada uses are a gift from “Karin Uzumaki.

3. Sarada was born, when Sasuke and Sakura were on a mission outside of Konoha. The delivery of the baby happened in one of orochimaru’s hideouts and was done by Karin. As a result, the Konoha hospital has no birth records about her.

4. She can use Lightning Release and Yin release (Genjutsu falls under Yin release). She has a Chakra level of 150, which is close to her mother’s (170) and her father’s (200) level. She can use cherry blossom impact, a taijutsu that uses Chakra enhanced strength, even before she graduated from the academy.

Sarada Uchiha uses chakra enhanced strength
Sarada Uchiha uses chakra enhanced strength

5. She has high admiration for Naruto uzumaki and aspires to become Hokage one day. She’s quite attracted with his will of fire ideologies and tries to connect herself with the villagers.

6. Sarada and Lina from One Piece are voiced by the same voice actress, Kokoro Kikuchi. Fun fact : She voiced for Boruto in “Naruto : Boruto the Movie”

7. She has four stars in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu knowledge, higher than Boruto Uzumaki.

8. In the original artwork of “Boruto”, She’s shown to have a Sharingan pattern similar to Mangekyo sharingan.

Team Konohamaru
Boruto cover art by Masashi Kishimoto

9. She awakened her Sharingan at the age 11 and she quickly adopted herself to its visual prowess. She can dispel Genjutsus and has very good mastery in Shuriken throwing. She can even use Lightning infused Shurikens to incapacitate enemies.

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