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6 Facts about Himawari Uzumaki worth knowing

Apart from Sarada Uchiha, the only other female member of the Boruto : Naruto Next Generations is Himawari Uzumaki. Yes, the baby Hyuga princess has become one of the favorite even with not enough screentime. With an appealing and beautifully drawn appearance, the daughter of the byakugan princess is quite a visual treat. Before going on any further introduction, let’s jump straight to the point.

  1. Himawari Uzumaki alongside his brother Boruto Uzumaki are the only known Hyuga descendants not to initially possessed the Byakugan. However, the mistake was later corrected in the OVA “The day Naruto became the Hokage” where she awakens her byakugan.
Himawari Uzumaki without Byakugan
Himawari with blue eyes

2. Himawari awakened her Byakugan after his elder brother Boruto Uzumaki accidentally ripped off the head of her favorite pet panda.

Himawari Uzumaki activates her Byakugan
Himawari activates the Byakugan

3. Himawari has excellent “Taijutsu” skills as shown in the OVA where she subconsciously uses Gentle Fist on her Dad, who gets knocked out for the whole day. The funny part is, even Kurama gets knocked out. She certainly is strong 🙂

Himawari uses Gentle Fist
Naruto knocked out by Gentle fist

4. She has a blue eye which resembles his father Naruto Uzumaki’s eye. But, it is shown that she activates her Dojutsu in stages, as initially the eye color changed to the characteristic colorless pupil of the byakugan. Then, the protruding veins appear near her temple and pupils.

5. The name “Himawari” (向日葵) means “sunflower“. When reversed, the first two kanji spell “Hyūga” (日向), which can also be read “Hinata,” thus making her name a reference to both her mother and the Hyūga clan.

6. Her voice actor Saori Hayami is 25 years old and has voiced for Tsuki from Noragami, Saki Morimi from Eden of the east

P.S : Since the show hasn’t progressed yet, only few facts are available. I’ll update the post once enough details get published. For feedback, like us at Naruto and DB Verse facebook fan page.

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